11/22/16 – Quick update – Animations almost done

Looking at what’s left to finish, there really isn’t much. There are four or five main features left to program, but I was looking at my animations to-do list and realized I could probably knock all of them out in a week or two. Since then all I’ve been doing is animating, which has been fun.

Here are a few of the animations I’ve done that are worth sharing:

The last one took a lot of work (especially proud of the footwork), but I’m super happy with how it came out. The whole thing is an homage to one of my favorite moments in Problem Sleuth, and you can see the source in the clip I provided. The hands are a little bit choppy, but I made a version where the hammer hand is more stationary and it just looked boring. Since the whole thing is an easter egg anyway, I’m not too worried about it looking 100% physics-accurate.

Anyway, out of the 84 animations I have planned for the character, I’m now done with 72 of them. Only 12 to go!

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