3/17/18 – Quick update – Game Developers Conference (GDC) next week

This update is going to be much shorter than it deserves to be, but I’ll be updating this again more regularly after next week comes and goes. The very short of it is that everything has been going incredibly well! Big milestones have been:

  • Working at Mississippi State University’s incredible Entrepreneurship Center to both pay the bills and gain a ridiculous amount of experience working with a ton of different start ups. I could write pages about how fun, educational, and valuable this experience was, even though it only lasted 8 months.
  • Raising $250k for the company since the last blog update. This took a lot of time and effort, but everything worked out big time! What’s also incredible is that I seriously love my investors, they’ve all been wonderful sources of insight, advice, and connections.
  • Teaming up with two unbelievably talented artists (Antonio Stappaerts and Esther Smisdom) to design the first batch of characters. On top of being insanely skilled, they’re both also such a joy to work with. Every day is such a positive experience with them – I can’t get over how lucky I am to be working with them both right now. Words can’t capture how excited I am to show off the characters we’ve created, but for now I have to show restraint. Soon! In the meantime check out their ArtStations linked above. They’re great!
  • Going to the Game Developers Conference next week! I fly out tomorrow! It’s got me constantly excited about getting to meet all these talented, experienced people. Being in Mississippi, I haven’t met a ton of game developers in person. It’s an exciting time, and one of the many examples recently where I felt like I’ve “made it” as a real game developer. Not entirely, but it’s one more for the checklist.

I plan to make blog posts about most if not all of the above topics once I get back from GDC, but it’s a week long conference so I might still be recovering well into the week after I get back. Hope my excitement can carry me through an entire week of constant learning and networking.

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