Hello! My name is Ryan, I go by “Winnar” or “Winnarly” online, and I’m in the middle of making my first video game!

The game I’m making is what’s called a “platform-fighter,” similar to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. series. Games in this genre blend platformer games (such as Super Mario World and Super Meat Boy), with fighting games (such as Street Fighter). Tight controls and a variety of intuitive movement options are staples of this genre, making these games notoriously easy to pick up but very difficult to master.

I’ve been in love with Smash since it first came out on the Nintendo 64, and got involved in the competitive scene for the games around 2007. The community around these games is one I grew up with, and in many ways it feels like my family. I’m always looking for ways to give back to it: by organizing tournaments,  by moderating reddit’s /r/smashbros forum, and now by making a new game in this underrepresented genre.

I’ve always wanted more for this community, and this is my attempt to chase that.