Sure, the wolf is scary... but it’s the kid you need to look out for.
— Nameless NPC

The archer


There was once tale of a terrible beast that terrorized a remote village. The beast, they said, would isolate members of the village at night in its unending hunt. Many brave warriors came from afar to rid the village of this scourge, but no man survived the encounter.

One night a passing child, a nomad, took rest in the village while passing through. While sitting by the fire, the wolf approached its prey. The child’s reaction stayed the wolf’s fangs, for it had never seen such a response to its grizzly form. The kid seemed to look not at the wolf, but through it. No fear, no intimidation, hardly even an acknowledgement.

For the first time, the wolf’s curiosity outweighed its hunger. When the Archer left the village the next morning, the wolf followed.

Gameplay: The archer and the wolf play as one character, with the kid riding atop the wolf. While running around, the kid can let loose a spiritual arrow, and then either jump to it or recall it. Fast paced, ferocious, and precise are the best way to describe their fighting style.

Recommended for fans of: Rush down characters, projectiles, wolves?

Design and art by Antonio Stappaerts, 3D model by Christoph “TheStoff” Schoch, rig by Raveen “Ray” Rajadorai. Send some love their way.


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