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There’s a certain beauty to combat, don’t you think?
— The Artist

the artist

Coming from a long line of sumi-e painters, the Artist left her reclusive family in order to attend university for the arts. Her goal was to explore other avenues of artistic creation and gather as many life experiences as possible. Ultimately, she is looking for ways to reintroduce her family’s art to a world that has left them behind.

Gameplay: Flowing effortlessly through her opponents, the Artist creates a unique masterpiece on the battlefield every time she fights. While moving and launching opponents away, she creates a short-lived ink trail that she can travel along. Several attacks see her breathing life into her sumi-e creations, who in turn launch an assault on her behalf.

Recommended for fans of: Floaty characters, methodical gameplay, creative approach options, zoners with the ability to get aggressive

Design and art by Antonio Stappaerts, 3D model by Christoph “TheStoff” Schoch, rig by Chris Luckenbach, animations by Tyler “Flapjack” Anthony. Send some love their way.


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