At the end of day, the last one standing is the winner. Don’t overthink it!
— The Boxer

the boxer

Jovial and always up for a sparring match, the boxer came to the city looking to fight everybody. Everybody. She heard about a group going around taking on dragons and said to herself, “Wow, you can get PAID to do that?”

Although she exudes a carefree demeanor, the Boxer has a very disciplined fighting style honed from years of diligent training.

Gameplay: The Boxer’s main strengths are her explosive speed and her ability to cancel her attacks - assuming she’s gained sufficient meter beforehand. Her speed is unmatched, though somewhat linear. Instead of running to and fro, she instead chains dashes together to dance in and out of danger.

Recommended for fans of: Traditional fighting games, blistering fast offense, meter mechanics, unorthodox movement

Design and art by Esther Smisdom, 3D model by Christoph “TheStoff” Schoch, rig by Chris Luckenbach, animations by Tyler “Flapjack” Anthony. Send some love their way.


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