Too big? For what?
— The Dragon

The dragon

While dragons (and the problems they bring) can range from big to small, very few are bigger than the Earth dragon. With a strong sense of entitlement and the raw power to back it up, many consider him a force of nature, like an earthquake or hurricane.

Gameplay: Ever want to play as the big bad final boss? I’ve got good news. This behemoth can smash the earth to change the landscape of the arena. His attacks are massive, but can be tricky to land. Luckily, he can summon minions to create chaos and land those satisfying finishers. If you like unorthodox playstyles or someone who can take a beating and keep dishing out the hurt, this is the guy for you.

Recommended for fans of: Heavyweight fans, fans of unorthodox playstyles, fans of summoners, anyone looking to play AS the final boss

Design and art by Antonio Stappaerts, 3D model by Juancho Abad, rig by Raveen “Ray” Rajadorai, animations by Tyler “Flapjack” Anthony. Send some love their way.


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