Not much of a talker, is he?
— Some punk, moments before his introduction to Mr. Bat

The slugger

No one knows exactly who or what he is, but one thing’s for sure: Don’t mess with the Slugger. Hard to tell if he’s mute, has his music turned up too loud, or just chooses not to talk. Either way, he seems to have no trouble expressing himself in battle. The way he weaves in and out of danger seems almost… taunting, at times.

He joined the Slayers more out of boredom than out of a desire to help people. Dude likes to fight, and your average street punk just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

Gameplay: The Slugger has a huge emphasis on movement - several of his attacks launch him into the fray. He can also pull out a strange, floating baseball that he can knock around the stage to help him approach or knock people out. The longer you juggle the ball the stronger it gets, but after a few hits you may not be able to keep up with it.

Recommended for fans of: Fast movement, glass cannons, self-expressive gameplay, characters with tons of room for exploration

Design and art by Esther Smisdom, 3D model by Juancho Abad, rig by Raveen “Ray” Rajadorai, animations by Tyler “Flapjack“ Anthony. Send some love their way.


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