Oh darling, don’t tell me you brought a knife to a cannon fight...
— The Spy

the spy

Because she’s actually a good spy, there isn't much information out there on her. As cocky as she is beautiful, she has a reputation for finding… creative solutions to all of life’s problems. Her jacket has the ability to store and retrieve any item instantly, which she makes liberal use of in combat.

Gameplay: The spy has an enormous bag of tricks up her sleeve, usually involving gunpowder in some way. Her most iconic items are her gravity grenades, which propel people towards their center on explosion. She can use these either on herself to launch into the fray or on the opponent to pull them into one of her deadly traps.

Recommended for fans of: Trap-based characters, interesting projectiles and zoning, guns, being fabulous

Design and art by Esther Smisdom, 3D model by Juancho Abad, rig by Chris Luckenbach, animations by Thomas “JoltJab” Hardy. Send some love their way.


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