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Slay the dragon // be the dragon


Regular updates posted on the Discord. Be the first to find out what’s new with our upcoming PC platform fighter.

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Some quick details on the game:

  • Platform fighter - Think Smash Bros., Rivals of Aether, Slap City, etc. It’s a fighting game with an emphasis on intuitive controls, crispy movement options, and a depth that is easy to learn but hard to master.

  • Coming to PC first - I’d love to launch on consoles too, but for now we want to focus on making the PC launch as smooth as possible.

  • Free-To-Play - Cosmetics sales only. No paid lootboxes.

  • Online play enabled - After doing quite a bit of research and testing, we decided to utilize Photon Quantum for our netcode solution. We’re using Playfab for our backend leaderboard stuff.


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